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Version 2 of Elvanto

Hi GC Church family,

Welcome to the new and updated version of elvanto. I'm just attaching a couple resources to help you transition to the new interface.

The first link is a video that goes into detail on most aspects of the new version.


The second is a written guide that will help you transition over to the new version.


Both are extremely helpful and if you're experienceing trouble, touch base with your local team leader/s. Also remember that not all people will be able to see all aspects of elvanto.

Bless you church as we continue connecting our community to Christ.

The elvanto guy!



Hey there! 

Looks like you made it to the log in page of elvanto - great to see you!

Make sure you bookmark or add this page to your 'Favourites' in your web browser  so you can find it quickly when you need to.

elvanto is also viewable as a mobile site on your phone - so you can view all your serving rosters, resources and church calendars on the run!

Be sure to get in touch with your team leader if you have anything you need to discuss.

For more general church info, visit our place on the web here. If you're having trouble logging in email elvanto@generocitychurch.com

Bless you!


Generocity Church
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